Roxas Lorin Kilgore

Nineteen Years Old
Louisiana Accent
"I have never yet heard of a murderer who was not afraid of a ghost."


I’m not sure this is actually happening.

Are you serious?!

I wasn't that fucking bad, but yeah. I'm serious right now. You've got my calm and undivided attention. If you're interested in ripping my asshole open in the name of your esteem, then go for it.


Suck my dick

I think we need to talk, but your dick in my mouth would make that problematic. I can be civil if you're willing.


Anonymous said:
I have been a giant cock for a while, and I'm sorry. Maybe if I had told you before, some things would be different now; or maybe not. I've always thought that if something has to happen, it happens and period. It didn't happen. Pity. Maybe we would have been a really fucking bad couple and killed each other with blunt objects three days in; maybe. All I know is that I would have done my best to make our days worth a goddamn movie, but I couldn't. It's okay though. Just don't leave, now. Stay.

This has been in my askbox for a year, and I regret what we were so fucking much. Wow. 

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And for once it isn’t me ahahahaaha

There is just so much ass.

pyrophiliac08 said:

Oh--hey. Longtime no see, Axel. 

noircerise-deactivated20131223 said:
Pokes the back of his head. "Are you dead or alive, mister?"

His neutral expression fleetingly scrunched when she jabbed at his head, and he glanced over his shoulder with an incredulous stare. “I’m alive not reanimated. You look pretty 98.6 degrees yourself, but correct me if I’m wrong.”


Daisuke Ichiba.


Daisuke Ichiba.